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NOTICE: This is a Private Organization. It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status.

The 'AFTAC Alumni Association' provides a forum for those wishing to maintain a relationship with the center and its people, active-duty and retired. Membership is open to past/present employees of all organizations associated with Long Range Detection (LRD) (AFMSW-1, 1009th SWS, AFOAT-1, 1035th FAG, LRDAA and AFTAC), and any subordinate field detachment.


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Long story...I am still alive and was not drawn and quartered by the angry mob. It all worked itself out in the end and did not hear any negative feedback (probably whispered in hushed voices. Thank you so much for all of you that came out to help and make this a successful event.

Golf Picture1
Registration table with all the helpers..Frank & Edna Calenda, John Horsch, Carol Snyder, Gene and Dee Melchior
Golf Picture2
Current AFTAC  Commander, Colonel Dyball

Frank Hall, Frank and Edna Calenda, Gene and Dee Melchior for putting the goodie bags together. Frank Hall, Frank and Edna Calenda, Gene and Dee Melchior, John Horsch, and Carol Snyder for ensuring that the registration and sign up process went smoothly.

Golf Picture3
Bad weather looming

Bob Wiley for taking all the photos...even on the course with rain looming..can't wait to see those. All of you that helped pick the door prize tickets and place them out for the players to collect. Frank C. for keeping the cash box safe and Joe Goldian for settling up the bill.

You all made my part so much easier and there is no way we could have pulled it off without everyone chipping in (pun intended).

The winners are:

Third Place

Golf Picture6
3rd place----Brian Stillwell, Bruce Snelgrove, Brad Neihart, Don Gilbert 

Second Place

Golf Picture5
2nd place---Aaron DeGraaf, Alice Chan, Darcy Cannon, Evan Carlson  

First Place

Golf Picture4
1st place---Joe Hauser, Bob Callahan, Sonny Ziegler, Don Capps (not pictured)  

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What an interesting evening this year even if we were slightly upstaged by the HQ Awards Ceremony where we let the cat out of the bag as to the Alumni of the Year 2015. Our goal was to make it a total SB1 surprise and it actually was. We then followed that ceremony with the Alumni Snowball on the 20th of Feb 2016. Our advertising only brought forth 64 alumni to the Holiday Inn of Viera, Florida. The hotel did a bang-up job setting up the tables and serving Chicken Marsala, Roast Beef or a Vegetable Plate depending on your individual order.

The evening began with a slide show of the 2015 Alumni Activities running in the background while members networked and renewed old friendships. That is the beauty of such an event. Once the assignments are served, folks move, retire or just decide to go their own ways, the Snowball event is one that brings us back together for a few hours. A full bar was set-up in the ballroom and that gave us access to the refreshments. The evening was opened by our President Lou Seiler who welcomed all, recognized members of the senior staff in attendance and led us in a pledge of allegiance to the flag as well as a song by Rebecca Lehnerz. Invocation by Sean Ryan followed and dinner was served. We had a slight hick-up with the presentation of names of those who have passed since our last Snowball. Folks took that in stride and Lou Seiler stepped in and read the names so folks might know who has passed.

Following the meal we took a short break before the main Speaker had agreed to brief the Alumni. SB2Colonel Jennifer P. Sovada, Commander, Air Force Technical Applications Center, graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1994 addressed our group. The Colonel is a career intelligence officer who has commanded an intelligence squadron and served at the squadron, center, major command, joint, interagency levels.

Colonel Sovada gave us a briefing on where we were, where we are going, and how we now fit into SB3the 25th Air Force as a Wing. This was quite interesting and her grouping of 7 slides certainly showed us graphically just how we are serving the country in our very important mission. Those who missed the Colonel’s briefing certainly missed quite an interesting twist on how AFTAC has and is improving as a necessary intelligence arm in our country.

Following the Colonel’s briefing, our President called John Horsch to the podium who announced that, yes – Frank Calenda was selected as the 2015 AOY.
SB5Frank was presented the traditional ‘T’ and copy of the silver coin that he will be presented once a slight glitch can be rectified at the jewelers. The presentation was made by Colonel Sovada and CMSgt Brown. Frank was asked to say a few words and once he was at the podium he announced that his speech would be very short. Then he pulled out a stack of notes about 5 inches thick. Frank is often not a man of few words, but this was a joke for effect……Good Job Frank.


Past AOY’s were asked to assemble for a photograph and those present came forward and said “cheese”. The presentation culminated a very great evening and that was supported by many Alumni Volunteers, specifically Lou Seiler, Sean Ryan, Carol Snyder and Ruth Creery…Thanks to all of you…….


NOTE: Unless otherwise requested, we will credit you, by name, for notifying us of information for this page.

05.20 Posting. Seismological Instrument Technicians I and II, installs and maintains electronic earthquake monitoring equipment throughout the State of California for the Department of Conservation ($3410-$4679/month including excellent benefits). Interviews/positions exist only in Sacramento. Go to www.jobs.ca.gov for bulletin. Submit State Application Form 678 and experience exam by 06/17/2016. Questions call 916-322-7685.
Carl D. Petersen
Field Operations Manager

Please provide 'Job Offered/Wanted' to John Horsch


Facebook Alumni Websites:

By Frank Calenda
Here's an interesting site. Do you know what the military benefits are in your state? Click here to go to site.

AFTAC Spousal Group:

Spousal Facebook Page many actitities, receipe, Bunco, etc. We also publish a Newsletter, and sponsor the 'AFTAC Cares' Program.

250,000 volts thrill budding scientists:

By Susan A. Romano, AFTAC Public Affairs PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.
During a day of hands-on fun at Patrick’s Youth Center, members of the Air Force Technical Applications Center here showcased _Photos/250kvolts.JPGtheir wares June 11 to educate children about the center’s nuclear treaty monitoring mission.In addition to AFTAC’s demonstration of 3-D printers, seismometers and Tesla coils, dozens of other local and regional companies were in attendance to support the 45th Force Support Squadron’s “All SySTEMs Go” program, an event designed to encourage youth to become involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Seventeen AFTAC Airmen volunteered their Saturday morning to illustrate how the center uses precision seismometers to monitor nuclear treaties around the world. The crew also conducted extreme atmospheric pressure experiments using a vacuum pump and marshmallows to demonstrate the need for protective equip in adverse environments for people like astronauts and deep sea divers. But the headliner that drew significant crowds to their table was their high-voltage Tesla coil, which has the capacity to generate up to 250,000 volts. The wireless transformer created visual bolts of lighting, much to the delight of the mesmerized children. Full report is/will soon be available at the 25th AF Website

Daughter of AFTAC SNCO named Youth of the Year:

By Susan A. Romano, AFTAC Public Affairs PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.
Her megawatt smile is so genuinely infectious that one can’t help but smile back when she flashes it. And when she does, it gains the attention of adults and children alike. Most likely, it also played a contributing role into her recent selection as the 2016 _Photos/YouthOfYear.JPGBoys & Girls Club of America Youth of the Year for Patrick AFB. For the past four years, 15-year-old Anjali S. Williams has been volunteering her time at the Patrick AFB Youth Center, working closely with the children and staff who work and play there daily. The BGCA program recognizes the extraordinary achievements of teens who embody the values of leadership, academic excellence and healthy lifestyles. It also recognizes the impact teens have on the lives of other young people. Anjali is the daughter of Master Sgt. Shebon Goldsboro, a Cyberspace Operations flight chief for the Air Force Technical Applications Center here. Leading up to her selection, the teen spent a good deal of her time organizing various events such as beach clean-ups, youth dances and childcare programs, plus she served as a mentor to other teens against suicide. Additionally, she spent her time at a local farm grooming horses and cleaning out stalls. She assisted the base’s Hispanic Heritage and Black History Month committees at their respective celebrations, by serving food and refreshing the buffet line. And after all that, she still found time to be a member of the TenTones Top Show Choir, a highly competitive choral group, as well as a member of her school’s esteemed book club. Full report is/will soon be available at the 25th AF Website

AFTAC contractor recognized for 30+ years of service:

By Susan A. Romano, AFTAC Public Affairs PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.
For more than three decades, Dr. Anne S. Henson has focused her attention on physics, geophysics and seismology, AFTAC_Contractor and that hard work paid off: her company recognized her with a token of appreciation for her continued dedication. For 22 of her 32 years as a nuclear seismologist, Henson has been associated with the Air Force Technical Applications Center here, working as a scientific manager for the Leidos contract that oversees the U.S. National Data Center. The USNDC provides national authorities quality technical analysis in concert with AFTAC’s nuclear treaty monitoring mission. Henson began her career with a small consulting company in New York State that focused on application of signal processing and modeling to nuclear seismology. After spending two years there, she was hired by Science Applications International Corporation – better known as SAIC – where she continued to work as a seismologist. Later, SAIC became a joint venture, split, and in 2013, Leidos was formed. Both companies have a long-standing history in the field of nuclear science. “At the time, I was working for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on the prototype of the International Data Center,” said Henson. “While there, I met Dr. David Russell, AFTAC’s (then) Director of Treaty Monitoring, and he suggested I come to work for him on the prototype for the USNDC. I was flattered that he considered me for the job!” Her role as the scientific manager includes managing studies for the contract -- both geophysical data processing and information technology infrastructure studies. “I supervise geophysicists and, in my spare time, I work on in-depth investigations of the geophysical performance of the USNDC system.” Full report is/will soon be available at the 25th AF Website

AFTAC personnel awarded Nuclear Deterrence Medal:

By Susan A. Romano, AFTAC Public Affairs PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.
The Air Force Nuclear Enterprise Functional Authority AFTAC_Contractorhas authorized personnel from the Air Force Technical Applications Center here the award of the Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service Medal effective April 13, 2016. The medal is awarded to Airmen who have directly impacted the nuclear enterprise and directly support nuclear deterrence operations. The medal, which was first approved in May 2014 by the Secretary of the Air Force, is predominantly blue with yellow, green and red stripes, and contains a laurel wreath surrounded by a nuclear symbol. The reverse has a circular inscription that reads, “Nuclear Deterrence Operations Service.” “I’m pleased that AFTAC has been formally recognized for its contributions to nuclear deterrence,” said Chief Master Sgt. Michael Joseph, AFTAC’s command chief. “Former and current AFTAC Airmen in delineated Air Force Specialty Codes who served with the center for 120 consecutive days or more since Dec. 27, 1991, qualify and are fully authorized to wear the ribbon.” Full report is/will soon be available at the 25th AF Website


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Bob Schley, Posted 6/9/2016

"Steve McDonald just called from Texas with information that Bob Schley passed away on June 5th with a fatal heart attack." It was later reported, " ... (verified) Bob passed away on the 5th and they have already cremated him. No obituary was published and they are not sure if the family is going to have a service or not." NOTE: No more informtion is known at this time.

Robert D McGee, Posted 6/8/2016

SEO & WCC Life Member, passed away 7 April 2016. 06.10 Update. CLINTON (NC) - Robert Douglas McGee, 72, of 54 Boykin Drive, passed away Thursday, Apr 7, at his home. A graveside service will be held at 10 a.m., Tuesday, Apr 12, in the Sandhills Veterans Cemetery in Spring Lake, NC. Robert was retired from the U. S. Army as a helicopter pilot and was a Vietnam Veteran. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club and the VFW. He was preceded in death by his parents, Richard Gordon McGee and Madeline Ruth Counts McGee; brother and sister, Billy Joe McGee and Marjorie Ann McGee. He is survived by his wife of forty-six years, Sherylle McGee; sons, Rodney Kyle McGee and Carol of Clinton and Travis Wayde McGee and Rosezatte of Fayetteville; brother, Richard Gordon McGee, Jr. of Tennessee; grandchildren, Kelsey Shannon McGee, Colin McGee, Jacob McGee, John Russell Olson, Noah Douglas McGee, Jessica Covington and Annie Jean McGee; great-grandchildren, Aiden Hall, Rodney McGee and Iris Naylor; and mother-in-law, Sharon Opperman. In lieu of flowers memorials may be made to Tims Gift at 108 Northeast Blvd., Clinton, NC 28328. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.crumpler-honeycutt.com. Arrangements are by Crumpler-Honeycutt Funeral Home, 118 Fayetteville St., Clinton, NC 28328. Published in The Sampson Independent from Apr. 9 to Apr. 10, 2016.

Personal Notes: "Doug" McGee "was an SEO and WCC Life Member. When stationed at 407 he was in a Go Cart wreck and was knocked out. The AF would not let him remain on flying status so he got out and joined the Army. I am pretty sure he was in the Blackhawk program." It was also mentioned Robert McGee was stationed at "Lowry 61, 1155, 62-63 Ops Bongo Drum, Crazy Man, Overseas Det - 63-67 airborne ops."

Paul Goforth, Posted 5/30/2016

Passed away on Monday, Nov. 23, 2015. He was 84 year old. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. today at Laird Funeral home with the Rev. Gary Davis officiating. Interment will follow at PaulGoforth.pngFairview Cemetery. Visitation was held from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, at Laird Funeral Home. Paul was born on Feb. 4, 1931, in Overton,Texas, to John Newton and Lou Emma Beasley Goforth. He was a graduate of Overton High School. He attended Kilgore Junior College where he was a member of the Kilgore Ranger Band before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force, earning the rank of senior master sergeant and serving for over 20 years. Following his military retirement, he attended SFA earning a degree in history and a master's degree in educationcounseling and guidance. Following graduation from SFA, he worked for the State Board of Pardons and Paroles as a parole officer and later taught history at Wells ISD before retiring to play golf full time. He served on the board of directors for Piney Woods Country Club and was a member of the Alamo Masonic Lodge No. 44. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Elaine Drahem Goforth; brother, John Goforth and wife, Dolores, of Mabank; daughters, Paula Hand and husband, Jack, of Nacogdoches, and Carla Post and husband, Bob, of Lucas; grandchildren, John Hull of Austin, Emily Devlin and husband, Mike, of Austin, and Parker Post of Lucas. He was preceded in death by his parents; and brothers, Ralph Goforth and Richard Goforth. Pallbearers will be Bob Stevens, Jimmy Socia, Sammy Duncan, Charles Grimland,Joe Butters and Jerry Alexander. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be made to Hospice of East Texas; Nacogdoches Senior Citizen Center; or the charity of your choice. NOTE: I spent time on Memorial Day reminiscing about my early AF days and all the great people I served with over the years. I decided to Google my first AFTAC boss, MSgt Paul Goforth, and unfortunately the search turned up his obituary. In 1966 he was the lead admin guy in the Alert Operations Center on Telegraph Road, where I helped cover night shifts with the likes of Jim Salus (deceased), George Plunkard (deceased) and Lowell Aten. I have such great memories of time spent with Paul and his crew. He was a great leader with a great Texas sense of humor.

Edith Marie Kuntz, Posted 5/10/2016

Edith Marie Kuntz, will be remembered as a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She married a man of German descent, but remained very tied to her Danish heritage. Edith passionately loved her family and was deeply loved by them. While Jennifer, Mike, Terry, Sierra, Dawn and Shelly call her "Grandmother", the eleven great-grand children affectionately refer to her as "Bedstemor" (Danish for grandmother). Edith was extremely proud of each one, prayerfully giving thanks for their love and goodness. Her support of husband Col. “Barney” Kuntz during his military service was commendable and could well serve as a model for all Air Force spouses. Thirty years as a military wife rewarded her with many dear friends who will always remember her as a loving and especially caring person. Edith was very active in her church and enjoyed teaching Sunday school. She also studied Ikebana flower arranging, serving for a time as President of the local club. Fresh floral arrangements complemented the gallery quality works of art created by the family and proudly displayed in their home. Edith Kuntz is survived by her three children: Elaine, Steve, and Sharon Kuntz who were all near to ease her peaceful passing on Friday afternoon, April 29, 2016. She was 96 years young and would have turned 97 on May 27th. Her innocent humor and insights will be greatly missed. She was a blessing to all who knew her. In leiu of flowers, the family would like to encourage support of Hospice as a small token of thanks for their blessed help in our time of need. A private Celebration of Life was held on May Day to honor her passing.

John Davidson, Posted 5/5/2016

Per His wife, Connie, John Davidson passed away about one AM on 17 May 2016 in hospice in Ocala,FL.
NOTICE: Bill followed up on 05.22 - John Michael Davidson, born September 9, 1936, son of the late Doran and Esther Davidson, passed away peacefully in Ocala, Florida on May 17, 2016. He is survived by his wife, Connie; a daughter, Kristen Brush and her husband, Samuel of Eagle River; Alaska; two grandchildren, Michael Brush of Fairbanks, Alaska and Amanda Geddis of Belfast, Northern Ireland; a brother, Gerald Davidson of Red Lodge, Montana; a brother, Kris Davidson and his wife, Roberta of Mendota Heights, Minnesota; and a sister, Karen Woodruff and her husband, Michael of Accrington, Lancashire, UK. John's first years were spent in the isolated northwest corner of North Dakota during the depths of the Great Depression. The family moved about to various locations in North Dakota before finally settling in Harlem, Montana in 1947. John acquired an interest in making and flying model airplanes - a hobby that he followed through all the years in Harlem. He also found a strong interest in music, performing in the high school band and dance band.After graduation from high school, early in 1955, John enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, which provided the basis of a long career in technical fields. In 1966, he married Connie Regina, originally from the state of Maine. They had one child, their daughter Kristen, born in 1967. After John's retirement in 1990, he and Connie returned to Montana where they spent several years living at Seeley Lake, Montana. In 1995, they moved back to Florida, where John had been located in the last years of his career.They remained in Ocala, Florida until the present day. During the past five years, John found fulfillment in many hours of reconstructing the family genealogy. His ancestry research has meant much to all the relations and members of the broader family. Published in Ocala Star-Banner from May 22 to May 23, 2016

Leonard "Rudy" Howell, Posted 4/30/2016

On February 19,2016, Leonard “Rudy” Howell passed after an extended illness. May, 19, 1925, Rudy was 90 years old. He is survived by his wife of 71 years, Myrtis A. Howell, his beloved daughter Elizabeth H. Nordan (Robert G.), son Paul M. Howell, and a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren. Rudy Howell Preceding in death were his sons David Howell and Leonard R Howell III. “Rudy” lived a long and complete life, touching many in his walk. He joined the Army Air Force in 1944, and served as Navigator in the 389th Bomb Group based in Hethel England. His service extended a total of 29 years in the USAF, and he retired as Lt Col in 1972. While in service, he received his PhD in Mathematics from Florida State University in 1964. Upon retiring from the USAF, he settled in Brooks County, Georgia on a farm that he had bought in 1963. He loved his time on the farm, but could not remain retired. He joined the University of Georgia system as Mathematics and Computer Science Instructor at Valdosta State College where he taught an additional 10 years. After leaving Valdosta State, he taught at a local private school (Valwood) for a brief time and then ultimately retired. Rudy and Myrtis loved to travel, and their retirement years saw them visit not only all 50 states, but all 7 continents. Finally, Rudy was the most devout student and servant of God. His entire life was focused on his faith and service to God, and God's church, and many will remember him as a Sunday School teacher and active member in his church at the time. This defined the man. As his family mourns the loss of our Patriarch, we are assured we will see him in the presence of God. If so desired, memorials may be made to The Heritage League at www.heritageleague.org --To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Dr. Leonard Rudolph "Rudy" Howell, J. please visit our Sympathy Store. -- To view his obituary on line click HERE

Laurie Kemna, Posted 4/17/2016

Laurie Kemna, of Citrus Heights, California, passed away peace-fully at home on Monday, April 11, 2016 with her husband, John, by her side.Laurie Kemna.png She was born July 31, 1942 in Redlands, CA. She taught Spanish for 37 years at Rio Americana and Oakmont High School. Her love for teaching and her students was evident and resulted in many friendships lasting long after her retirement. She was married to John Kemna in 1972 and they were married for 45 years. During her life, she was an avid reader, fitness enthusiast and gardener. Her favorite place to spend time was at their second home in Nevada City situated on property left to her by her beloved father. She is survived by her husband, John, her brother, Steve and her cousins. Click HERE to see Laurie's obituary.

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AFTAC Alumni Assn,
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Box 254892, Patrick AFB FL, 32925-0892

Phone 321-494-3456
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Active Duty / AFTAC Alumni Association
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If contact data (eddress, phone #, etc) is not posted/known, email John Horsch

Board Members
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'AFTAC Cares' for Deployed 2016.06.15 Posting. We have nine deployed.
AFTAC Symbol

In 2007 The AFTAC Spouses started 'AFTAC CARES,' a program to send 'care' packages to deployed AFTACers and family members/friends.
Contact AFTAC Spouses for information.

Website Editor's Note: The Alumni Association actively supports 'AFTAC Cares' and asks that all Sages to be involved. "Thank You's" are encouraged and can be sent to AFTAC Spouses

AFTAC Spouses Notice: Help with the packing is appreciated. Contact the The AFTAC Spouses or the 'Calendar of Events,' on this website, for date and location information. Feel free to send a 'Friend Request' to 'AFTAC Spouse' or join the AFTAC Spouse Group by clicking the following link, HERE.


On May 2007, five care packages were sent to our deployed personnel containing many items suggested by those recently returning. Many packages have been sent since that time.

Some suggested items are, but not limited to:

  • Socks
  • Baby wipes
  • Gold Bond powder
  • Individual microwaveable brownies
  • Drink mixes

Magazines should be sent in a flat rate priority mail box. This ensures that the packages would proceed directly to the military member and not be held up in a processing center.

Other items should be small to keep the mailing costs down and should be items that are useful in a remote location and not frivolous (i.e. a minion doll)


We are continually in the process of preparing care packages and collecting the names and addresses of our deployed family members. Volunteer help is greatly appreciated.

Monetary donations, both mailed and in person, have been received and are very much appreciated. If mailing, please send them to the following:

AFTAC Alumni Association
P.O. Box 254892
Patrick AFB, FL 32925-0892

Mark them, 'AFTAC Cares Program,' and direct their use, if you desire. That PO Box is checked on a regular basis. If writing a check, please make out to Diane Widden since the spouses are not an official organization in any way. She will make sure the funds are used as you direct.